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"Built by the Golden Rule"

With the exception of your home, car, or perhaps sending your kids to college, your pool may well represent the largest investment you will ever make. That's reason enough to use an experienced, established pool contractor. At Jody Crosby Pools, we view every pool that we build as an investment that you have entrusted to us for a short time. We build it so that it will last a lifetime. It is an exciting time, a happy time for you and your family. Since 1975, we have been involved in the swimming pool business in sales, design, or construction. We have personally designed and sold more than 1,200 pools in the Tulsa area. When you put your confidence in us, you can be assured that we will give you our commitment to excellence.

At Jody Crosby Pools you are truly the most important person we know. That has always been our philosophy of business. We understand that by doing everything we can to please you, in return, you will recommend us to your friends, neighbors, and business associates for many years to come. In fact, your referrals have been the lifeblood of our company for well more than a decade. Understanding the products that you use to maintain your pool is key to keeping it clean and protecting it through the years. We stock brands you can rely on. You’ll get better results using full-concentration chemicals and high quality tools. And our staff is specialized. We are pool professionals, not sales associates. Rely on us to answer your questions and advise you on products and pool care.

Since January 1, 1983, when we opened for business, our dream then, as it continues to be today, was to build the very finest pool in this market. We were tired of builders who cut corners and used customers as pawns once the job was completed. We wanted to change the image of pool salesman who imitated the "used car lot" approach. We have resisted the trend to offer the lowest price pool only. At Jody Crosby Pools, the dream is still alive for top quality and integrity. Our pool quality will always exceed the price. We strive to be totally fair, honest, straightforward, and committed to excellence.

Our highest goal, indeed our most important privilege, has always been to build every Jody Crosby Pool by "The Golden Rule". Simply put, "To do unto others as we would have them do unto us". We take pride in the product that we build, and we will never forget our commitment to you. What separates one pool builder from the next? While some builders claim excellence and guarantee the very lowest price, at Jody Crosby Pools, we let the record speak for itself. If you want personalized attention, the finest service that you've ever experienced, the highest quality construction available, and dependability after the sale, put your confidence in us. 

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